Playbill for A SHAYNA MAIDEL


Season: 45 (1990 - 1991)

Run Date(s): Oct. 25, 1990 - Nov. 11, 1990

Description: No description available.


Rose Weiss

Ronda Esquivel

Mordechai Weiss

George Churley

Lusia Pechenik

Peg Sheldrick

Duvid Pechenik

Carl Wilson


Jill Quale


Set Designer

C.M. Zuby

Lighting Designer

Tom Curtright

Costume Designer

Cassie Chandler

Stage Manager

JoAnn Grandon

Set Construction Crew

Ron Zank

Set Construction Crew

Jenna Brown

Set Construction Crew

Troy Friesen

Set Construction Crew

Ana Gomez

Set Construction Crew

Erica Harker

Set Construction Crew

Chad Osborn

Set Construction Crew

Andy Zillig

Assistant Technical Director

Todd Welch

Sound Board Operator

Beth Miller

Light Board Operator

Mark Mesarch

MakeUp Designer

Donna Himmelberger

Property Master

Michael Moeglin

Technical Director

Tom Curtright

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