Playbill for HONUS AND ME


Season: 62 (2007 - 2008)

Run Date(s): Sep. 28, 2007 - Oct. 7, 2007

Description: Honus and Me tells the story of young Joe Stoshack, who finds himself face to face with baseball legend Honus Wagner after finding Wagner's coveted 1909 baseball card, the most expensive baseball card of all time, while cleaning his neighbor's attic. Together they travel back in time -- into the seventh game of the World Series -- where Honus helps Joe boost his self-esteem and gain confidence in his ability to play baseball.


Joey Stoshack

Christopher Anderson

Mom/First Lady Fan

Deborah Waechter

Dad/Auctioneer/Friendly Fan

Lindsey Peters

Miss Young/Second Lady Fan

Margaret McCullough Minary

Birdie/Ty Cobb

Walter McDowell III

Honus Wagner

Dave Shamblin

Coach/Mr. Mendoza/Sportswriter/Heckler

Jim Kelley

Chuck/Opposing Pitcher

Patrick Beasley

Announcer/Opponent/Umpire/Boston Fan

Travis Triplett



Scott R Glen

Set Designer

Richard Schroeder

Lighting Designer

Mark Mesarch

Costume Designer

Karen Jordan-Anderson

Stage Manager

Stephanie Marburger

Property Master

Richard Schroeder

Light Board Operator

John Mason Waechter

Production Manager

Jason Weixelman

Assistant Stage Manager

Christa Anderson

Sound Board Operator

Ashley Graham

Technical Director

Scott Engel

Assistant Technical Director

Nick Turner


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