Season: 57 (2002 - 2003)

Run Date(s): Dec. 13, 2002 - Dec. 22, 2002

Description: Barbara Robinson's beloved story brings us into the world of Beth and Charlie Bradley, who never really liked being in the annual Christmas pageant ó but this year they like it even less. Their mom has to direct it, and, to make matters worse, the six Herdman kids ñ each one as big a bully as the next ñ have taken over the lead roles. Everyone knows this will be the worst pageant ever. But something happens that no one can really explain, and the whole town shares in a truly wonderful Christmas gift.


Mrs. Clark

Claire Covert

Mrs. Clausing

Deborah Waechter

Mrs. Slocum

Erin Pieschke

Mrs. Armstrong

Pam Dillehay

Grace Bradley (Mother)

Sue Outson

Ollie Herdman

Ty Mills

Ralph Herdman

Andy Dillehay

Charlie Bradley

Trevin Nelson

Beth Bradley

Jamie Kort

Claude Herdman

Sam Will

Bob Bradley (Father)

Tom Crew

Gladys Herdman

Emily Ptacek

Mrs. McCarthy

Maureen Ames

Elmer Hopkins

Nick Slonecker

Reverend Hopkins

Tim Tidball

Angel Choir

Michael Carraher

Angel Choir

Gianna Coniglio

Angel Choir

Michela Coniglio

Angel Choir

Alli Derr

Angel Choir

Rick Caruso

Angel Choir

Emily Evnen

Angel Choir

Emily Faron

Angel Choir

Bailey Foss

Angel Choir

Ashley Goosic

Angel Choir

Sam Hartley

Angel Choir

Brandon Hugo

Angel Choir

Tyler Ideus

Angel Choir

Meredith Kenyon

Angel Choir

Uta Larson

Angel Choir

Mason Alexander Mabin

Angel Choir

Emily Meyers

Angel Choir

Maggie Meyers

Angel Choir

Willy Meyers

Angel Choir

Hannah Pierson

Angel Choir

Kaylin Boosalis

Angel Choir

Sophi Sonenberg

Angel Choir

Aaron Stephenson

Angel Choir

Terra Garay Thomson

Angel Choir

Emma Louise Waechter

Angel Choir

John Mason Waechter

Angel Choir

Heidi Wall

Angel Choir

Tanner Wood

Leroy Herdman

David Rohrer

Angel Choir

Deidre Worm

Imogene Herdman

Sarah Bredthauer


Jonathan Weber


Nick Stanley

Alice Wendleken

Sadie Lubeck


Gianna Coniglio


Tori Dixon


Set Designer

Patric Vendetti

Lighting Designer

Renee Tuchscher

Stage Manager

Liz Banset

Assistant Director

Kally Duling

Assistant Stage Manager

Alexis Franssen

Costume Designer

Nicky Wittwer

Technical Director

Patric Vendetti

Property Master

Jeremy Kendall

Run Crew

Meg Kissel

Run Crew

Derek Outson

Run Crew

Allison Schorr

Run Crew

Renee Stephenson


Angel Choir
The town gossips
The Bradley family
The Herdmans
Rehearsal gone awry
Fire fiasco
Nativity Scene
Ralph and Imogene as Joseph and Mary

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