Season: 56 (2001 - 2002)

Run Date(s): Dec. 7, 2001 - Dec. 22, 2001

Description: Adapted from the classic tale by Lewis Carroll by Paul Pearson Our family theatre offering brings to life Lewis Carroll's literary classic about a favorite young heroine, Alice, who tumbles down an enchanted rabbit hole into a strange world inhabited by equally strange characters like the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat, Tweedledum and Tweedledee, and the Queen of Hearts. From the moment you enter the Playhouse, youíll know youíre in a land unlike any youíve ever known. The carnival atmosphere will carry you into the Gallery Theatre for fun and games, and from there into the Family Theatre where you will become a part of Aliceís fantastic adventure. Among other experiences in Wonderland, Alice has her fortune told, sees a baby magically transform into a pig, shares a ìmadî tea party with the most unusual characters, plays croquet using a flamingo for a mallet, and has a showdown with the Queen of Hearts. Original music, spectacular production numbers, and a real fire-eater are just some of the delights waiting for you in LCPís holiday gift to the families of Lincoln. Join us in enjoying the whimsy and wordplay of a magical story that has captured the imagination of generations.


Carnival Boss

Damon Magnuson

White Rabbit

Allison Frenzel


Deirdre Barney

Cheshire Cat

Beth Muehling

Mad Hatter

Rob Burt


Joe Gourlay

March Hare

Anne Underhill


Linda Nettland


Danny Johnson


Dylan Otley

White Knight

Tim Tidball

Queen of Hearts

Callie Slater

King of Hearts

Randy Hawthorne

Jack of Hearts

Ben LaGrange

Girls' Chorus

Hannah Hotovy

Girls' Chorus

Erin Outson

Girls' Chorus

Rhea Cruz

Girls' Chorus

Natalie Manner

Girls' Chorus

Kaylin Boosalis

Girls' Chorus

Eryn Mills

Girls' Chorus

Molly Pearson

Boys' Chorus

George Dungan

Boys' Chorus

Alex Allison

Boys' Chorus

Colin Creveling

Boys' Chorus

Christopher Creveling

Boys' Chorus

Aaron Stephenson

Boys's Chorus

Derek Outson

Boys' Chorus

Ty Mills

Sideshow Dancer

Judy Thiem

Carnival Barker

Quiller Caudill

Sideshow Barker

Michael DeVall

Animatronic Clown

Jared Daugherty

Animatronic Clown

Gwen Lawson

Animatronic Clown

Dustin Hayes


Christina Voigt


Kelli Chaves


Will Fruhwirth

Orchestra (Mock Turtle)

Mark Baldridge


Laura Nettland


Annie Erlandson


Kelly Sheridan



Paul Pearson

Music Director

Mark Baldridge

Lighting Designer

Shelly Griess

Stage Manager

Rick Swaink

Assistant Director

Sue Outson

Makeup or Hair Crew

Heather Hoskins

Makeup or Hair Crew

Jackie Fogle

Makeup or Hair Crew

Margy Ryan

Scenic Artist

Wendy Bantam

Scenic Artist

Penny Siefker

Costume Crew

Michele Massey

Costume Crew

Nick Stanley

Run Crew

Mari Feerhusen

Run Crew

Sam Hartley

Run Crew

Joe McCracken

Run Crew

T.J. Mills

Run Crew

Miles Roper

Run Crew

Nora Smith

Run Crew

Karen Statham

Run Crew

Janet Tomas

Run Crew

Sam Will

Property Master

Susanne Evans Mostafa

Technical Director

Patric Vendetti

Costume Designer

Fringe & Tassel Costumes

Set Designer

Susanne Evans Mostafa


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