Season: 19 (1964 - 1965)

Run Date(s): Feb. 12, 1965 - Feb. 21, 1965

Description: No description available.


Julian Armstone

William Gilliland

Clyde Norman

E S Wallace

Malcom Turnbull

Bill Swearingen

Walter Dodds

Russell Trott

Jonathan Travis

Alexander Currie, Sr

Roger Parkhurst

Harold Abel

Harrison Bellows

Sam Davidson

Quentin Armstone

Sam Van Pelt

Helen Bellows Armstone

Paula Ronhovde

Rita Southard Armstone

Sara Williamson

Miss Rhoda Andrews

Dorothy Orshek

William Medlow

Gary Hill

James McQueen

Richard Leisher


Set Construction Crew

August Dreier

Set Construction Crew

John Thompson

Set Construction Crew

Wade Doyle

Set Construction Crew

Donald W Miller

Set Construction Crew

Henry Andrews

Scenic Artist

Ardis Kessler

Prop Crew

Cece Hill

Prop Crew

Mary Varga

Prop Crew

Flo Weir

Costume Crew

Marcia North

Light Board Operator

Henry Andrews

Assistant Director

Bruce Nims

Stage Manager

Bruce Nims

Property Master

Patsy Davidson

Technical Director

Lee Schoonover

Set Designer

Lee Schoonover


Roland L Reed

Lighting Designer

Byford Pattison

Lighting Designer

Lou Hall

Costume Designer

Charlotte Miller

Assistant Stage Manager

Marilyn Casper

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