Playbill for NEWSIES, JR - a Penguin Project Production

NEWSIES, JR - a Penguin Project Production

Season: 77 (2022 - 2023)

Run Date(s): Jun. 8, 2023 - Jun. 18, 2023


A Penguin Project production. This musical follows newsboy Jack Kelly as he rallies a band of fellow "newsies" against the powerful New York newspaper publishers when they raise distribution prices at the newsboys' expense.

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Jack Kelly - Artist

Logan Kirk

Jack Kelly - Mentor

Ethan Gabel

Crutchie - Artist

Davis J Carter

Crutchie - Mentor

Theoden Shaefer

Katherine - Artist

Reagan Eklund

Katherine - Mentor

Caroline Haws

Morris Delancey - Artist

Dathin Cooper

Morris Delancey - Mentor

Emmett Hatch

Oscar Delancey - Artist

Koda Dubbs

Oscar Delancey - Mentor

Rocco Pierce

Wiesel - Artist

Easton West

Wiesel - Mentor

Jude Clarke

Les - Artist

Danny Cooper

Les - Mentor

Asher Green

Davey - Artist

Athena Haws

Davey - Mentor

Marah Maxson

Joseph Pulitzer - Artist

Kaden Bowen

Joseph Pulitzer - Mentor

Lilly Done

Bunsen, Seitz, Scab 2 - Artist

Xander William Paul Fritts

Bunsen, Seitz, Scab 2 - Mentor

Bodie Ardinger Stibal

Hannah - Artist

Abby Korte

Hannah - Mentor

Frannie Kiser

Snyder, Darcy, Police Chief - Artist

Zach Corder

Snyder, Darcy, Police Chief - Mentor

Ava Swank

Medda Larkin - Artist

Alexis Verzal

Medda Larkin - Mentor

Lily Ardinger Stibal

Pat - Artist

Olivia Grieser

Pat - Mentor

Darby Pankoke

Spot Conlon, Bowery Brigade Betty - Artist

Kaitlyn Vander Woude

Spot Conlon, Bowery Brigade Betty - Mentor

Mollie Clarke

Governor Teddy Roosevelt, Newsie, Scab 1 - Artist

Thatcher B Z Brown

Governor Teddy Roosevelt, Newsie, Scab 1 - Mentor

Julia Haller

Race - Artist

Jacob Thomas Furrow

Race - Mentor

Aaron Ruch

Muriel, Bowery Brigade Olive - Artist

Violet Fritts

Muriel, Bowery Brigade Olive - Mentor

Ellie Powell

Nancy, Woman - Artist

Aubrey Erickson

Nancy, Woman - Mentor

Kestrel Foster

Specs, Bill - Artist

Charlie Miller

Specs, Bill - Mentor

Adam Gabel

Pigtails, Dorothy, Bowery Brigade Ada - Artist

Megan Calhoun

Pigtails, Dorothy, Bowery Brigade Ada - Mentor

Alexxa Jamila Felice Guerrero

Hazel, Bowery Brigade Ethel - Artist

Hope Reinwald

Hazel, Bowery Brigade Ethel - Mentor

Makenna Murphy

Buttons, Jo Jo - Artist

Margy Korte

Buttons, Jo Jo - Mentor

Addy Scott

Albert Boy - Artist

Kenny Masters

Albert Boy - Mentor

Harper Wathen-Carriere

Romeo, Scab 3 - Mentor

Molly Kunkel

Swing Mentor

Alayna Detty

Swing Mentor

Kadie Eklund

Swing Mentor

Mara Scott

Romeo, Scab 3 - Artist

Alayna Detty



Morrie Enders


Anne Hatch

Music Director

Shauna Shaefer


Kaia Anderson

Director - Artist and/or Mentor Focus

Lily Sughroue

Director - Artist and/or Mentor Focus

Abigail Elgueta Figueroa

Director - Artist and/or Mentor Focus

Ella Fundus

Stage Manager

Larisa Reams

Assistant Stage Manager

Savannah McCormick

Scenic Designer

Kathleen Turner

Lighting Designer

Erica Lauren Maholmes

Costume Designer

Hannah Hansen

Sound Board Operator

Keith "Trip" Snyder

Property Master

Alissa Olson

Charge Artist

Dana Clements

Charge Artist

Shannon Sullivan

Master Electrician

Kyle Nelson


Mary Lonergan

Rehearsal Assistant

Asher Fritts

Rehearsal Assistant

Julian Fritts

Rehearsal Assistant

Christian McClure

Assistant Stage Manager

Brian Foley

Run Crew

Jacob Depenbusch

Run Crew

Kadie Eklund

Run Crew

Julian Fritts

Light Board Operator

Shaundra Montague

Assistant Sound Board Op

Christian McClure

Spotlight Operator

Erik Betts

Spotlight Operator

Mitchell "Mac" Pullum

Projection Operator

Asher Fritts

Performance Interpreter

Debbie Carter

Performance Interpreter

Connie Herndon

Director - Artist and/or Mentor Focus

Roxie Petersen


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