Playbill for ANNIE JR


Season: 68 (2013 - 2014)

Run Date(s): Jun. 13, 2014 - Jun. 15, 2014


1st Annual Penguin Project Production


Annie - Actor

Andrea Boswell

Annie - Mentor

Brooke Jensen Denker

Molly - Actor

Alexis Verzal

Molly - Mentor

Campbell Sharpe

Molly - Mentor

Emily Sharpe

Kate/Star to Be - Actor

Anna Xin Chun Schonewise

Kate/Star to Be - Mentor

Mychaela Cook

Tessie - Actor

Olivia Davis

Tessie - Mentor

Makayla Crawford

Pepper/Usherette - Actor

Janet Gasper

Pepper/Usherette - Mentor

Piper Haen

July/Mrs Pugh - Actor

Taylor Woods

July/Mrs Pugh - Mentor

Hannah Cook

Duffy/Mrs Grear - Actor

Maryclaire Angela Haug

Duffy/Mrs Grear - Mentor

Quinn Tolzin

Miss Hannigan - Actor

Kaitlyn Vander Woude

Miss Hannigan - Mentor

Alex Fonck

Bundles McCloskey - Actor

Zach Corder

Bundles McCloskey - Mentor

Haeli Reining

Apple Seller/Usherette - Actor

Taylor Elgert

Apple Seller/Usherette - Mentor

Brittney Walker

Dog Catcher/Radio Announcer - Actor

Jacob Depenbusch

Dog Catcher/Radio Announcer - Mentor

Gabby Wagner

Lt Ward - Actor

Johan Keller

Lt Ward - Mentor

Kendal McClure

Grace Farrell - Actor

Sarah Fuenning

Grace Farrell - Mentor

Eva Nelson

Oliver Warbucks - Actor

Christian McClure

Oliver Warbucks - Mentor

Kristoff Herrold

Drake - Actor

Matthias Lindburg

Drake - Mentor

Kristoff Herrold

Usherette - Actor

Emily Krofta

Usherette - Mentor

Brigette Davidson

Cecile/Bert Healy's Girls - Actor

Elissa Fuelberth

Cecile/Bert Healy's Girls - Mentor

Grace Beckstrand

Annette/Bert Healy's Girls - Actor

Shailee Bennett

Annette/Bert Healy's Girls - Mentor

Jaela Kowalewski

Rooster Hannigan - Actor

Caleb Nelson

Rooster Hannigan - Mentor

Landon Reichmuth

Lily - Actor

Elizabeth Fish

Lily - Mentor

Lisle Gustafson

Bert Healy - Actor

Julian Fritts

Bert Healy - Mentor

Gianna Clyne

President FDR - Actor

Asher Fritts

President FDR - Mentor

Elijah Whitaker



Lindsay Masin

Assistant Director

Lily Sughroue

Music Director

Mike Foley


Rachel Danay

Scenic & Lighting Designer

Kathleen Lorenzen

Costume Designer

Diana Armbright

Sound Designer

John Oppegard

Technical Director

Nick Turner

Run Crew

Jack Misegadis

Run Crew

Emma Misegadis

Run Crew

BJ Montague

Run Crew

Talia Halperin

Run Crew

Bruce Hahn

Run Crew

Tim Montague

Run Crew

Leland Smith

Run Crew

Matt Stephens

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