Playbill for GUYS AND DOLLS SR


Season: 68 (2013 - 2014)

Run Date(s): May. 19, 2014 - May. 20, 2014


OLLI Radio-Active Players. OLLI at UNL is an organization for adults over the age of 50 which provides continuing education, travel, and theater opportunities.


Sarah Brown

Marsha Dunn

Sky Masterson

Russ Workman

Miss Adelaide

Debra L Miller

Nathan Detroit

Robert Doxtator

Nicely-Nicely Johnson

Tom White

Benny Southstreet

Deloy Stark

Rusty Charlie

James Potter

Save-A-Soul Mission - Arvide Abernathy

Carla Fetch

Save-A-Soul Mission - Mimi

Carol Grell

Save-A-Soul Mission - General Cartwright

Leta Powell Drake

Save-A-Soul Mission - Agatha/Ensemble (Hot Box Girls)

Mary Jane Dunn

Save-A-Soul Mission - Bertha/Ensemble (Hot Box Girls)

Marilyn Peterson

Save-A-Soul Mission - Calvin/Ensemble (Hot Box Girls)

Eileen Toussaint

Save-A-Soul Mission - Martha/Ensemble (Hot Box Girls)

Marty Minchow

Harry the Horse

Richard Duncan

Lt Brannigan

Ken Gettman

Angie the Ox

Floyd Headley

Big Jule

Robert Stoddard

Ensemble (Hot Box Girls)

Barb Hetcko

Ensemble (Hot Box Girls)

Karen Joyce

Ensemble (Hot Box Girls)

Dorothy Westphal

Ensemble (Hot Box Girls)

Rosalie Duffy

Ensemble (Hot Box Girls)

Marjorie Snodgrass



Morrie Enders

Music Director

Karen Howland

Production Manager

Leta Powell Drake

Production Manager

Joan Hudson

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