Playbill for THE WIZARD OF OZ


Season: 73 (2018 - 2019)

Run Date(s): Jun. 7, 2019 - Jun. 16, 2019


The Penguin Project production

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Dorothy - Artist

Esther Robinson

Toto; Hickory - Artist

Logan Kirk

Glinda - Artist

Alexis Verzal

Wicked Witch of the West - Artist

Alex Schweitzer

Scarecrow - Artist

Maggie Landreth

Tin Man - Artist

Christian McClure

Cowardly Lion - Artist

Caleb Nelson

Wizard of Oz; Oz Doorman; Oz Guard - Artist

Athena Haws

Professor Marvel; Jitterbug - Artist

Luke Schlicker

Miss Gulch; Bicycle Miss Gulch; Jitterbug - Artist

Addi Stege

Aunt Em; Lady in Rocking Chair; Jitterbug - Artist

Kaitlyn Vander Woude

Uncle Henry; Winkie Leader - Artist

Kaden Bowen

Hunk; Rowboat Man; Jitterbug - Artist

Easton West

Zeke; Cow; Jitterbug - Artist

Jacob Depenbusch

Crow #1; Winkie - Artist

Elizabeth Fish

Crow #2; Winkie - Artist

Celia Faith

Crow #3; Winkie - Artist

Marisa Casillas

Apple Tree #1; Winkie - Artist

Alyra Baxter

Apple Tree #2; Winkie - Artist

Zach Corder

Mayor (Munchkin); Jitterbug; Ozian - Artist

Emiliano Munoz Contreras

Coroner (Munchkin); Jitterbug; Ozian - Artist

Erik Betts

Barrister (Munchkin); Jitterbug; Nikko the Winged Monkey - Artist

Dathin Cooper

Tot #1 (Munchkin); Jitterbug; Ozian - Artist

Hope Reinwald

Tot #2 (Munchkin); Jitterbug; Ozian - Artist

Leah Mae Cassner

Tot #3 (Munchkin); Jitterbug; Ozian - Artist

Maddie Anderson

Tough Guy #1 (Munchkin); Jitterbug; Winged Monkey - Artist

Charlie Miller

Tough Guy #2 (Munchkin); Jitterbug; Ozian - Artist

Koda Dubbs

Tough Guy #3 (Munchkin); Jitterbug; Winged Monkey - Artist

Violet Fritts

Munchkin #1; Jitterbug; Winged Monkey - Artist

Xander William Paul Fritts

Munchkin #2; Jitterbug; Ozian - Artist

Elissa Fuelberth

City Mother (Munchkin); Jitterbug; Ozian - Artist

Clare Quinn

Dorothy - Mentor

Mychaela Cook

Toto; Hickory - Mentor

Savannah Miller

Glinda - Mentor

Gracyn Scott

Wicked Witch of the West - Mentor

Kadie Eklund

Scarecrow - Mentor

Tabitha Heftie

Tin Man - Mentor

Myah Anderson

Cowardly Lion - Mentor

Kylee Kirby

Wizard of Oz; Oz Doorman; Oz Guard - Mentor

Aubrey Burt

Professor Marvel; Jitterbug - Mentor

Trey Anderson

Miss Gulch; Bicycle Miss Gulch; Jitterbug - Mentor

Mara Scott

Aunt Em; Lady in Rocking Chair; Jitterbug - Mentor

Emma Gevelinger

Uncle Henry; Winkie Leader - Mentor

Ella Swank

Hunk; Rowboat Man; Jitterbug - Mentor

Charlotte Griffin

Zeke; Cow; Jitterbug - Mentor

Emma Kirby

Crow #1; Winkie - Mentor

Rebekah Sweeney

Crow #2; Winkie - Mentor

Kyleigh Griffin

Apple Tree #1; Winkie - Mentor

Sophie Holihan

Apple Tree #2; Winkie - Mentor

Harry Miller

Apple Tree #3; Winkie - Mentor

Bridget Clarke

Crow #3; Winkie - Mentor

Mollie Clarke

Mayor (Munchkin); Jitterbug; Ozian - Mentor

Cecilia Nickman

Coroner (Munchkin); Jitterbug; Ozian - Mentor

Caroline Haws

Barrister (Munchkin); Jitterbug; Nikko the Winged Monkey - Mentor

Lily Ardinger Stibal

Tot #1 (Munchkin); Jitterbug; Ozian - Mentor

Bridget Nickman

Tot #2 (Munchkin); Jitterbug; Ozian - Mentor

Laurel Hansen

Tot #3 (Munchkin); Jitterbug; Ozian - Mentor

Mary McKewon

Tough Guy #1 (Munchkin); Jitterbug; Winged Monkey - Mentor

Sydney Wendt

Tough Guy #2 (Munchkin); Jitterbug; Ozian- Mentor

Ella Fundus

Tough Guy #3 (Munchkin); Jitterbug; Winged Monkey - Mentor

Mary Frances Thompson

Munchkin #1; Jitterbug; Winged Monkey - Mentor

Betty Thompson

Munchkin #2; Jitterbug; Ozian - Mentor

Emma Stroughter

City Mother (Munchkin); Jitterbug; Ozian - Mentor

Kimbal McClure

Swing Mentor

Lilly Done

Swing Mentor

Julia Haller

Swing Mentor

Marah Maxson

Swing Mentor

Evie Rawlings

Swing Mentor

Darby Pankoke

Swing Mentor

Audria Stroughter

Apple Tree #3; Winkie - Artist

Olivia Grieser



Morrie Enders


Rachel Danay

Music Director

Shauna Shaefer

Director - Artist and/or Mentor Focus

Lily Sughroue

Director - Artist and/or Mentor Focus

Claire Shada

Director - Artist and/or Mentor Focus

Janice Sloan

Assistant Director

Ashley Kobza

Production Manager

Christine Cottam

Stage Manager

Shannon Hanson

Scenic Designer

Kathleen Turner

Lighting Designer

Kathleen Turner

Costume Designer

Rebecca Armstrong

Director - Artist and/or Mentor Focus

Brooke Jensen Denker

Sound Designer/Op

Bryce Bassett

Performance Interpreter

Molly Keefe

Performance Interpreter

Bethany Koubsky

Assistant Stage Manager

Sara Bournia

Assistant Stage Manager

Larisa Reams

Fly Op

Tory Petz

Run Crew

Lilly Done

Run Crew

Darby Pankoke

Spotlight Operator

Sierra Smith

Light Board Operator

Shaundra Montague

Rehearsal Assistant

JP Wilson

Rehearsal Assistant

Asher Fritts

Rehearsal Assistant

Julian Fritts


Beverly Danay


Jill Swank

Green Room Supervisor

Mandi Burt-Wilson

Green Room Supervisor

Jeanne McClure

Green Room Supervisor

Vicki Depenbusch

Green Room Supervisor

Sarah Maxson

Green Room Supervisor

Suzanne Sughroue

Green Room Supervisor

Irene Hirschman

Green Room Supervisor

Kristi Burt

Set Construction Crew

John Hanlon


Steve Ottmann

Set Painting

Vicki Depenbusch

Set Painting

John Depenbusch

Set Painting

Mary Wilson

Set Painting

Teresa Wilson

Set Painting

Jordan Geiser

Set Painting

Tiffany Jo Evans

Set Painting

Mandi Burt-Wilson

Set Painting

Aubrey Burt

Set Painting

Angela Robinson

Set Painting

Joel Robinson

Set Painting

Lydia Robinson

Set Painting

Amy Vander Woude

Set Painting

Alexis Bowen

Set Painting

Jeanne McClure

Set Painting

Maggie Quinn

Set Painting

Molly McKewon

Assistant Technical Director

Bryce Bassett

Rehearsal Interpreter

Roxie Petersen


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