Playbill for KING O' THE MOON


Season: 64 (2009 - 2010)

Run Date(s): Oct. 16, 2009 - Nov. 1, 2009

Description: By Tom Dudzick In this hilarious, heartfelt sequel to Over the Tavern, the Pazinski family has left the conservative 1950s for the rebellious 1960s. Prior knowledge of this working-class family is not a prerequisite to appreciating their ongoing trials and triumphs. As Apollo 11 is about to land on the moon, the family gathers to honor their late fatherís memory. They quickly become entangled in each othersí problems -- Rudy is re-thinking the priesthood. Eddie is preparing for fatherhood and Vietnam. Annie is contemplating divorce. Their mother Ellen considers a new romance. Thereís rarely a quiet moment in the Pazinski household as they hurtle towards the next decade.


Rudy Pazinski

Jason Weixelman

Georgie Pazinski

Andy Dillehay

Eddie Pazinski

Robert Wamsley

Maureen Blake-Pazinski

Rachele Brown Stoops

Annie Pazinski

Shandi Anderson

Walter Fronzak

Elbert Traylor

Ellen Pazinski

Moira Mangiameli



Judith K Hart

Stage Manager

Mitchell Daffer

Lighting Designer

Brooke Stevens

Costume Designer

Kitt Saathoff

Assistant Stage Manager

Stephanie Marburger

Production Manager

Noelle Bohaty

Set Designer

Steve Wheeldon

Sound Board Operator

Mary Stine

Sound Board Operator

Tehya L. Miles

Run Crew

Laura Walker

Costume Crew

Laura Walker

Run Crew

Crystal Hobson

Costume Crew

Crystal Hobson

Sound Board Operator

Abby Stine

Technical Director

Kyle Lorenz

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