Season: 59 (2004 - 2005)

Run Date(s): May. 6, 2005 - May. 15, 2005

Description: Crime Beat Juvenile Delinquent Eludes Capture TOM SAWYER Leads Authorities on Musical Wild Goose Chase St. Petersburg, Missouri ñ Authorities are asking the public for help in finding the young delinquent Tom Sawyer, a 14-year-old boy last seen near MacDougalís Cave wearing overalls and a straw hat. Sawyer is wanted for a number of petty misdemeanors, including tricking his friends into whitewashing a fence, crossing swords with the schoolmaster, and talking back to the Reverend in church. Tomís Aunt Polly, interviewed at her home, said, ìIím at my witís end trying to keep that young hooligan under control.î According to law enforcement sources, Polly has no idea where the young reprobate might be, but his girlfriend Becky Thatcher may know more than sheís willing to tell. Sawyer is believed to be accompanied by another youthful renegade, Huckleberry Finn. Rumor has it that Tom and friends plan to bring their hijinks to the Lincoln Community Playhouse in a show they call The Adventures of Tom Sawyer: The Broadway Musical (book by Ken Ludwig; music and lyrics by Don Schiltz), a tale of thrilling escapes, comedy, and inspiration for the whole family. Anyone with any knowledge of young Tom Sawyerís whereabouts should contact the Crook Crusher Hotline at the Lincoln Community Playhouse, 489-7529. SHOW DATES AND TIMES: Friday, May 6, 7:00 PM Saturday, May 7, 2:00 PM and 7:00 PM Sunday, May 8, 2:00 PM* and 7:00 PM Thursday, May 12, 7:00 PM Friday, May 13, 7:00 PM Saturday, May 14, 2:00 PM and 7:00 PM Sunday, May 15, 2:00 PM and 7:00 PM *Performance on Sunday, May 8 at 2 PM interpreted for the hearing impaired. Please call DeAnna at 489-7529 before April 25 to request the services of an interpreter. TDD: 489-7581


Widow Douglas

Margy Ryan

Mayor Lanyard Bellamy

Rich Feldman

Tom Sawyer

Aaron Stephenson

Huckleberry Finn

Colin Creveling

Sidney Sawyer

Mike Foley

Ben Rogers

Derek Outson

Judge Thatcher

Brian Foley

Lemuel Dobbins

Mark Mesarch

Injun Joe

Eric Ojeda

Lucy Harper

Eryn Mills

Amy Lawrence

Madison Graulty

Becky's Friend

Claire Wilkinson

Becky's Friend

Danielle Parde

Becky's Friend

Alison Foley

George Peters

Cohagen Wilkinson

Joe Harper

Tyler Hale

Lyle Peters

Andrew DeCamp

Alfred Temple

Trevin Nelson

Mrs. Sereny Harper

Brooke Erks

Teresa Lawrence

Emily Evnen

Mrs. Peters

Stephanie Marburger

Mrs. Temple

Roberta Scott

Mrs. Jessica Rogers

Stephanie Vandarwarka

Susie Rogers

Petrea Whittier

Becky Thatcher

Kesha Oeltjen

Rev. Joshua Sprague/Sheriff

Randy Hawthorne

Muff Potter

Robie Hayek

Doc Robinson

Rich Feldman


Bruce Thiel


Zac Wilkerson

Sabina Temple

Sadie Lubeck


Assistant Technical Director

Nick Turner


Laura Kendall


Brad Bartholomai

Set Designer

Christine R.X. Bolles

Lighting Designer

Mark Mesarch

Costume Designer

Karen Tyler

Stage Manager

Michelle Derr

Assistant Stage Manager

Jeri Kohn

Stage Manager

Sue Outson

Assistant Director

Ryan Epp


Jerry Bonzo Frye


Kelly McGovern

Costume Crew

Janet McKinney

Run Crew

Alli Derr

Run Crew

Allison Schorr

Run Crew

Anna Stinogel

Run Crew

Avery Thrasher

Property Master

Robie Hayek

Technical Director

Patric Vendetti

Costume Designer

William M. Cover II

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