Season: 59 (2004 - 2005)

Run Date(s): Nov. 5, 2004 - Nov. 21, 2004

Description: Science Takes on Art as Einstein Confronts PICASSO AT THE LAPIN AGILE by Steve Martin In an unexpected time warp the other night, patrons of the Lapin Agile, a nondescript Paris bistro, were transported back to the year 1904, as upstart young scientist Albert Einstein tangled in a war of words with as-yet unknown Spanish painter Pablo Picasso. Reliable sources say the entire incident between Einstein and PICASSO AT THE LAPIN AGILE was artfully orchestrated by comic actor Steve Martin, who, in his first comedy for the stage, played fast and loose with fact, fame and fortune as the two geniuses traded words with infectious dizziness. A re-creation of the absurd twist of fate will be presented at the Lincoln Community Playhouse studio theatre November 5-21, 2004. Einstein, 25, employed by day in a patent office, was heard to say that at night ìthe stars come out in my head.î Everyone in the bar viewed this statement with relative skepticism, but knew for sure they had a fruitcake on their hands when he started scribbling mathematical formulas on the table top. Young artist Picasso, 23, arrived moments later and, according to barmaid Germaine, added to the surreal evening by claiming, ìThereís nothing in my way any more. If I think it I can draw it.î And he, too, began defacing the table top with a line drawing. From that moment on, the competition heated up between the two geniuses, each claiming that his ideas would change the world. Insults were exchanged at dizzying speed: Picasso called Einstein a fake; Einstein fired back, ìMaybe youíre an idiot savant. And hold the savant.î Soon everyone in the bistro was chiming in ñ arguments raged all night about romance, humor, art, talent, time and space. And in one final surprise, everyone was caught off guard by a young dark-haired singer from the future who was oddly protective of his shoes. By the end of the evening, all had reconciled, posed for a group photo, and joined together in a toast to the Twentieth Century. SHOW DATES AND TIMES Friday, November 5, 7:30 PM Saturday, November 6, 7:30 PM Sunday, November 7, 2:00 PM* Thursday, November 11, 7:30 PM Friday, November 12, 7:30 PM Saturday, November 13, 7:30 PM Sunday, November 14, 2:00 PM Thursday, November 18, 7:30 PM Friday, November 19, 7:30 PM Saturday, November 20, 7:30 PM Sunday, November 21, 2:00 PM *The 2:00 p.m. performance on Sunday, November 7, will be interpreted for the deaf and hard of hearing by request only. If you will require the services of a sign language interpreter, please call DeAnna at 489-7529 no later than October 25, 2004.


Albert Einstein

Erick Mishler

Pablo Picasso

Laurence Mota


Bob Esquivel


Micki Charf


Charisa Ramsey


Eric Ojeda


Jason Sayers

The Countess

Jen Borgerding


David Carlsward


Jason Ball

Female admirer

Britain Waid


Set Designer

Patric Vendetti

Lighting Designer

Bruce Thiel

Stage Manager

Michelle Zinke

Costume Designer

Joy Barlean

Set Construction Crew

Paul McGuire

Set Construction Crew

Freddie Beerman

Assistant Technical Director

Nick Turner

Run Crew

Zach Stroup

Run Crew

Christine Reavis

Assistant Stage Manager

Jessica Miller

Property Master

Robie Hayek

Technical Director

Patric Vendetti


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