Season: 57 (2002 - 2003)

Run Date(s): May. 23, 2003 - Jun. 8, 2003

Description: by Alan Ayckbourn Both a hilarious satire of television and a touching romantic comedy, COMIC POTENTIAL begins in a TV studio where a hospital soap opera is being taped. The actors, it turns out, are all actoids ñ robots programmed to play the parts of the showís characters. Into the studio comes Adam, nephew of the showís producer and himself an aspiring writer who has long admired the work of the director Chance Tate (once a movie great and now a has-been). Adam strikes up a conversation with the actoid Jacie Triplethree (serial number JCF31333) and finds, to his surprise that not only can she carry on an unprogrammed conversation, she also is capable of creative imagination. Adam envisions a new television series with Jacie as the star, but the studio rejects his idea and decides to melt down Jacie. Adam and Jacie run away, but cannot elude capture. In the course of events, Adam finds himself falling in love with the lovely Jacie. Will Adam get the green light on his series? Will Jacie avoid meltdown? Is there hope for this cross-circuiting couple? The answers when COMIC POTENTIAL takes the LCP stage in May! SHOW DATES AND TIMES Friday, May 23, 2003 -- 7:30 PM Saturday, May 24 -- 7:30 PM Sunday, May 25 -- 2:00 PM Thursday, May 29 -- 7:30 PM Friday, May 30 -- 7:30 PM Saturday, May 31 -- 7:30 PM Sunday, June 1 -- 2:00 PM Thursday, June 5 -- 7:30 PM Friday, June 6 -- 7:30 PM Saturday, June 7 -- 7:30 PM Sunday, June 8 -- 2:00 PM


Adam Trainsmith

Matthew Landis

Chandler (Chance) Tate

Rich Sibley

Doctor/Farmer/Man in Dress Shop/Turkey

Bruce Thiel

Jacie Triplethree

Laura Kendall

Lester Trainsmith/Hotel Clerk/Waiter 1

Scott R Glen

Mother/Farmer's Wife/Dress Shop Assistant/Prostitute

Callie Slater

Prim Spring

Deirdre Barney

Son/Marmion/Waiter 2/Technician

Nate Brandt

Trudi Floote/Girl in Dress Shop

Karen Freimund Wills (KFW)



Robin McKercher

Set Designer

Eric Selk

Lighting Designer

Patric Vendetti

Costume Designer

Kathryn Burton Cover

Stage Manager

Liz Banset

MakeUp Designer

Kirk Monismith

Light Board Operator

Erica Thiel

Sound Board Operator

Meg Kissel

Run Crew

Andy Dillehay

Run Crew

Eryn Mills

Run Crew

Spencer Goff

Run Crew

Linda Biskup

Run Crew

Jesse Laney

Set Construction Crew

Derek Springman

Set Construction Crew

Adam McKee

Set Construction Crew

Ryan Schaffer

Assistant Technical Director

William M. Cover II

Scenic Artist

Nate Pawley

Run Crew

Leia Johnson

Run Crew

Meg Kissel

Run Crew

Connie Stark

Run Crew

Erica Thiel

Property Master

Jeremy Kendall

Technical Director

Patric Vendetti

Sound Designer

Robin McKercher


Lester and Marmion
Jacie and Adam caught by the waiter
Jacie tries on a dress bag
Jacie executes a perfect hit with a custard pie
Jacie practices her double take
Jacie learns to do a double take
Chance, Trudi, and Prim
Adam teaches Jacie to read
Jacie comes back to Adam

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