Season: 56 (2001 - 2002)

Run Date(s): Dec. 2, 2001


The Lincoln Community Playhouse and the Lincoln Journal Star will collaborate to present A SALUTE TO PEARL HARBOR: A Tribute to the Greatest Generation in Song, Dance, Humor and Dramatic Presentation at the Lied Center for the Performing Arts on Sunday, December 2, at 2 PM and 7 PM. Scheduled to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, this USO-style show features the Nebraska Jazz Orchestra and talented Lincoln actors, singers, and dancers performing:

  • the music of such 1940s greats as Glenn Miller, Duke Ellington, the Andrews Sisters, Kate Smith, and Frank Sinatra
  • the humor of comedians Bob Hope, Abbott and Costello, Sid Caesar, Jack Benny, and Henny Youngman
  • dances of the era, including swing, jitterbug and fox trot
  • re-enactments of World War II radio broadcasts, including FDRís ìDay of Infamyî speech
  • dramatic readings of letters to the homefront from Nebraska service men and women.

Set against a video backdrop of images from World War II, this event honors all men and women who in one way or another have contributed or continue to contribute to their country in its hour of need. SALUTE TO PEARL HARBOR captures the excitement and nostalgia of an era of superb entertainment in a time of fear and heroism. This educational and uplifting event is one the whole family can enjoy.

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Radio announcer #1/Foley Artist

Paul Schmieding

Reader /Bud Abbott

Brad Boesen

Reader /Stan Mecomber/Sid Caesar

Keith Ghormley

Reader / Lou Costello

Scott R Glen

Reader / Jack Benny

Gary Hall

Reader/Bob Sandberg/Buddy Hackett/army cook

Bruce Thiel

Dancer/Favorite son singer

Karen Freimund Wills (KFW)

Dancer/Bob Hope/Favorite Son Singer

Chad Reade

Dancer/Henny Youngman

Greg Flattery


Matthew Landis


L. Evan Rail

Lana Turner/Midge/Foley Artist

Laura Kendall

Radio announcer #2/Solider/Ed

Jeremy Kendall

Andrews Sister #2

Julie Beranek Enersen

William Stevens

Phil Heckman

Foley artist

Rhonda Lake


David Landis

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Roger Cognard

Reader / Singer

Lettie Van Hemert

Andrews Sister #3

Anna Hanselmann

Favorite Son Singer

Kelli Anderson

Favorite Son Singer

Jenny Atwood

Favorite Son Singer

Kelli Chaves

Favorite Son Singer

Abigail Craw

Favorite Son Singer

Helen DeBuse

Favorite Son Singer

Michelle Lisec-Talarico

Favorite Son Singer

Dara Petersen

Favorite Son Singer

Lindsey Wilkerson

Reader /Mary Livingston/Kate Smith

Sandy Valdez Phillips Fisher Van Pelt

Favorite Son Singer

Alyssa (Aly) Faller Carlson

Favorite Son Singer

Paula Rhian

Dancer/Favorite son singer

Courtney Clark-Piccoli



Robin McKercher


Courtney Clark-Piccoli

Set Designer

Robin McKercher

Lighting Designer

John Himmelberger

Costume Designer

Cate Wieck

Stage Manager

Liz Banset

Multi-media Designer

Robin McKercher


Deah Harriott

Assistant Director

Laura Kendall

Property Master

Jeremy Kendall


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