Playbill for THE CIVIL WAR


Season: 56 (2001 - 2002)

Run Date(s): Mar. 1, 2002 - Mar. 24, 2002


Music by Frank Wildhorn. Book & Lyrics by Frank Wildhorn, Gregory Boyd, and Jack Murphy. Drawn from letters, diaries, firsthand accounts of those who experienced the war, and the words of Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, and Walt Whitman, this powerful musical event puts a human face on an epic moment in American history. An awe-inspiring, emotionally-charged musical about the most difficult test our nation has ever endured. ______________________ Play photos below by Paul Schmieding

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James Harris

Union Captain

Mark Grell


Shawn Carlson

Union Soldier/Richardson

Eric Shepard


Paul Hadley


Jeff Keele


Josh Weixelman

Confederate Captain/Anderson

Gary Kubert

Sam Taylor

Jeremy Kendall

Beauregard / Autolycus Fell

William Stibor


Jason Weixelman


Joe McCracken

Henry Stewart / Pres. Lincoln

Dave Shamblin


Brent Welch

Nurse 2

Kristen Works

Nurse 3/Mourner

Sarah Barnard

Frederick Douglass

Steven Rich


Eddie Brown

Clayton Toler

Charles Bowling

Bessie Toler

Angelia Onuoha


Deah Harriott



Robin McKercher

Music Director

Darius Makaitis

Costume Designer

Cate Wieck

Lighting Designer

Patric Vendetti

Set Designer

Brenda Sabatka

Stage Manager

Karen Statham

Property Master

Brian McKee

Multi-media Designer

Robin McKercher

Set Construction Crew

Zach Bryant

Set Construction Crew

Corinne Hauk

Set Construction Crew

John Parizak

Set Construction Crew

Scott Raymond

Set Construction Crew

Amy Wertz

Assistant Technical Director

Heather Stutheit

Hair Designer

Heather Hoskins

MakeUp Designer

Heather Hoskins

Costume Crew

Rosemary Bergstrom

Costume Crew

Jan Bretz

Costume Crew

Erin Mills

Costume Crew

Nancy Wehrbein

Run Crew

Deborah Hartman

Run Crew

Latisha Collins

Run Crew

Alan DuPont

Run Crew

Bryan Johnson

Run Crew

Laura Kendall

Run Crew

Jesse Laney

Run Crew

Lou Mendoza

Run Crew

Erik Owomoyela

Run Crew

Kim Petri

Assistant Director

Jason Slaughter

Technical Director

Patric Vendetti

Fight Choreographer

William M. Cover II

Fight Choreographer

Jeremy Kendall

Run Crew

Michelle Zinke


The Glory ... Final Tableau
Judgement Day ... the Rebels discuss plans
Judgement Day ... death on the fields of Antietam
Virginia ... Pierce's powerful anthem to the South
Freedom's Child ... "My name is Frederick Douglass"
Freedom's Child ... "Freedom!"
I Never Knew His Name ... "The true cost of honor is suddenly too clear."
I'll Never Pass This Way Again
Northbound Train
Father, How Long?
The Honor of Your Name
Last Waltz for Dixie
Antietam. September 1862.
Brother, My Brother
If Prayin' Were Horses
If Prayin' Were Horses ... the final moment
Missing You (My Bill)
Judgement Day ... the union army prepares

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