Playbill for ALL MY SONS


Season: 56 (2001 - 2002)

Run Date(s): Jan. 18, 2002 - Feb. 3, 2002


Drama by Arthur Miller In this tale of secrets and betrayal, The Keller and Deever families come to terms with events that condemned one man to prison and the other to the agony of knowing that his actions may have led, however indirectly, to the death of his own son during World War II. Joe Keller and Steve Deever had been partners in a business that manufactured airplane parts. When defective parts were found to have caused the deaths of more than 20 American pilots, Deever bore the brunt of the prosecution and was sent to prison for a lengthy term. Joe Keller fared better, but now must bear the moral consequences of his deceit and betrayal. Ann Deever, who was once in love with Larry Keller, now missing in action, comes to visit, intending to announce her engagement to Chris, LarryĆ­s brother. Kate Keller refuses to believe her son is dead, and expects to hear news of his return any moment. Instead, the family explodes when secrets are revealed and long-hidden truths destroy the carefully constructed house of sand in which the Keller family has lived for so long. Show dates and times: Friday & Saturday, January 18 & 19 - 7:30 PM Sunday, January 20 - 2:00 PM Thursday, Friday, & Saturday, January 24-26 - 7:30 PM Sunday, January 27 - 7:00 PM Thursday, Friday, & Saturday, January 31, February 1 & 2 - 7:30 PM Sunday, February 3 - 2:00 PM

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Sue Bayliss

Jan Bretz

Joe Keller

Keith Ghormley

Kate Keller

Liz Banset

Chris Keller

Jeremy Kendall

Ann Deever

Laura Kendall

George Deever

Brad Boesen

Dr. Jim Bayliss

David Landis

Lydia Lubey

Anne Pope

Frank Lubey

Mark Giesler



Bob Hall

Lighting Designer

Patric Vendetti

Stage Manager

Michelle Zinke

Assistant Stage Manager

Kelli Chaves

Costume Designer

Cate Wieck

Property Master

Brian McKee

Set Designer

Renee Tuchscher

Set Construction Crew

Nolan Agena

Set Construction Crew

Zach Bryant

Set Construction Crew

Brian McKee

Set Construction Crew

Dustin Sheehan

Set Construction Crew

Amy Werth

Assistant Technical Director

Heather Stutheit

Run Crew

Alyssa Fiala

Run Crew

Jesse Laney

Run Crew

Kellyn Wooten

Technical Director

Patric Vendetti


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