Playbill for SPOKESONG


Season: 42 (1987 - 1988)

Run Date(s): Feb. 4, 1988 - Feb. 21, 1988

Description: IN CHILDREN'S


The Trick Cyclist

Monte Michelsen


David Davies

Francis, Frank's grandfather

George Churley

Kitty, Francis' wife

Sue Schobert

Julian, Frank's brother

Dick Nielsen


Hair Designer

Donna Himmelberger

Hair Designer

Monte Michelsen

Prop Crew

Sue Schreiber

Costume Crew

Jeanne Marlette

Costume Crew

Peggy Simons

Sound Board Operator

Sarah Gibson

Light Board Operator

Megan Wilkerson

MakeUp Designer

Vicky Zak

Assistant Stage Manager

Yvonne Bouffard

Stage Manager

Sue Schreiber

Technical Director

Tom Curtright

Costume Designer

Phyllis Spahn

Lighting Designer

Tom Curtright

Set Designer

C.M. Zuby

Music Director

Janene Sheldon


E Mike Dobbins

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